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That's a photo of me, Scott.

Hello, my name is Scott. I am a Web Designer, which includes web, interactive, and sometimes print. I'm located in the upper west side of Washington, DC, and have lived in the area since 1997. As a Freelancer/Contractor, I'm always looking for more to do.

After graduating from Roanoke College I've been working within my field of study progressively adding to my experiences. Since my humble beginnings in print I have followed the path of technology to my place today in web design and web site maintenance.

Though I have been freelancing for quit some time I would really like to find an environment of respectful and admirable teammates who will challenge my design and technical experience.

I look forward to hearing from you if you like what you see.

Web Sites

Full redesign and content layout of The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases web site.
Launch →
21st Century Community Learning Centers
Conversion of print collateral to web site. CSS challenge to sync background to content area which turned out quit nice..
Screen Shot
Launch →
Synergy Re-design Option
Proposed design for company web site.
Screen Shot
Governors of Misfortune
Freelance PHP database connectivity for collecting user information. Automation for forwarding HTML email and applied logic for determining state from ZIP code.
Screen Shot
Layout and design of HTML email.
Screen Shot
Launch →
Teacher Incentive Fund
Quick design of teacher oriented web site.
Screen Shot
Launch →
Houston Election
Layout pages from printed materials.
Screen Shot
Launch →
Screen Shot
Launch →
G.E. Watch
Created initial CSS layout for web site. Unfortunately the web site, after being developed, was never launched.
Screen Shot

Banner Ads

National Nurses Org.
Design and creation of Flash banner.
First 300x250
Media Matters
Created for a campaign during the 2008 election cycle.
Sister to Sister
Campaign to increase awareness of heart disease among women.
First 300x250
Second 300x250
Third 300x250
Created Flash banners from PSD comp files. Mulitple file sizes of each banner was also created.
First 300x250
Second 300x250
Third 728x90
College Drinking Prevention
Designed multiple Flash banners for spreading awareness of underage drinking.
First 300x250
Second 300x250
Freelance banner campaign created to spread awareness of Clean Jobs. Client supplied Illustrator story boards of which I create interactive Flash banners. The last two examples show different ad dimension designs.
Smoke 300x250
Drill 300x250
Drip 300x250
Water 728x90
Water 160x600
Water 300x250
Capital Webtec Module
Interactive sales module presentation for perspective clients.

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Email: escottc@hotmail.com