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January 12, 2010    

What's New
• Find out about ways you can help youth stay too smart to start using alcohol. Make underage drinking prevention a priority for your community’s Red Ribbon Week activities.
• Promote underage drinking prevention. Host a 2010 Town Hall Meeting. Learn more and sign-up.
Content Spotlight
What’s up with alcohol? Ads try to make drinking alcohol seem “cool” and fun. You may have friends who have tried alcohol. You may hear people brag about what they drink. But you don’t have to drink alcohol to fit in. Take a closer look at how alcohol acts in your body and what it does to different parts of your body.
Fact of the Day
Alcohol slows the processes in your brain that allow you to think and move. Alcohol can affect your ability to make decisions; research suggests that some of these effects may be long-lasting.
Stop Alcohol Abuse
  • December is National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month
  • NIAAA Website Presents Information on Underage Drinking Policies
Smart Voices

Sally Smith, Ph.D.Today my partners are fully engaged and have become active champions of the initiative. To get there, we created a welcoming learning environment so members felt comfortable sharing their opinions and concerns. We also updated our logic model together to ensure we were leveraging and building upon existing resources. While we work hard, we also make meetings engaging and fun. There is always lots of laughter. As a result, we have champions across many sectors and a core management team that is now working together to improve the coordination of resources for students in our county.

Sally Smith, Ph.D.
Executive Director
ABCU Later Schools
Columbia, MD

News Digest  
  • [MA] Perfect score for package stores
  • [NC] Underage drinking is not a 'rite of passage'
  • [NY] Student group to ask merchants not to sell alcohol and tobacco to underage kids
  • Alcohol Companies Target Youths With Magazine Ads, New Study Shows
  • [UT] Garbage trucks to trash teen drinking
  • [CA] Local students speak out against underage alcohol consumption
  • [MN] Late police lt. recognized by MADD
  • [VA] Effort to lower drinking age losing steam?
  • [IN] Parents fail with drug, alcohol message
  • [IL] Sobol: Diversion program aims to solve underage drinking problem
Open Dialog

Open Dialog is designed to get parents and kids talking about realistic situations in a non-threatening manner.

When your son leaves for school, you leave for work. You won’t be home until after six o’clock. Tonight your son has choir practice from seven to nine. Name two times today when you can spend some time talking with your son.

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